Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Las Vegas: Going Home

September 8, 2014
On Monday morning we met Rachel at her store to pick up all of the herbs. She did some "face reading" on all of us and prescribed the herbs we needed according to the lines and colors on our faces. It was fascinating. It took us a few hours (much longer than we had planned on being there). When we had finished, Rachel took a phone call in another room. When she returned she said, “I know why you guys are still here. My friend, a tibetan monk, just called me and said, “Ok, I’m in Las Vegas. What am I doing here?” Rachel told him he had been led there to help me.

He came right over to the store and I learned a little of his story. When he was younger he played on a professional soccer team in a south american country. One day the team was traveling through a terrible storm on a windy mountain road. The bus slipped off the road and rolled. Many on the bus died and he was severely crushed and injured. His parents immediately took him to Tibet to be healed- and while he was there recovering, he learned the art of healing himself.

When he came to the store he did this amazing acupuncture on my back with these little patches that ran on batteries. They felt so awesome. My back was in really bad shape from the drive down (my discs were bulging) and it was just what I needed. He took all of my back pain away.

After that he checked all of my meridians and energy lines and organs. He balanced my organs with the right energy. My liver and kidneys, for example, were deficient in good energy. I could feel it. He did this test on my kidneys that I could only perform all the way after he was done working on me.

Then he talked about angels.

He talked to me about my aura. He asked, “Have you recently lost a grandparent?” I said, “Well, Grandma Fairbanks died not too long ago.” He said, “I think she’s here. Well, actually, you have lots of grandparents here. Have you lost a baby?” I said, “I’ve had a miscarriage.” He said, “I think he’s one of your main protectors.”

He told me, “You’re totally going to whip this cancer, you’re going to live! You’re going to beat this. He said, “Go to the mountain. Often. Touch it. Walk in the water.” He talked to me about how there is so much power within my body to heal myself.

After we said our goodbyes, we were back on the road. As we got into our car it started to downpour. About 45 minutes out of town Traffic stopped. The road closed because it had been damaged in the storm. We kept thinking, “What is the purpose in this?” During the stop, people were getting in and out of their cars and chatting with each other. One woman approached our car to exchange small talk. In the conversation she casually told us about a pill called Military Micronutrient Formula that her friend used to cure her Hodgkins Lymphoma. I started crying, then told her I have Hodgkins.

I remember thinking that Heavenly Father was aware of me. It was such a big deal to me to consider cannibas. So all of these little details and miracles were testaments to me that this was His will.

After 2 hours of waiting they turned us all around. We stayed in the Trump Tower that night and I was so happy to eat from their clean menu- everything organic and cage free. The next day we finally made it back home.