Sunday, August 6, 2017

Band of Sisters

As I mentioned before I was a little uneasy being alone for the first time in Colorado and I had to sing a little hymn to quiet my nerves when the lights went out.  I said a little prayer and immediately felt a sense that I was not alone.  I felt or maybe the right word is remembered that I had guardian angels surrounding me. I could feel the peace they brought and I slept…In fact I slept better than I had slept in a very long time.   I was enjoying it so much that when my alarm went off I shut it off and went right on sleeping for about 45 minutes longer, because I could (ha ha).  I had made a list the night before of all the things I wanted to do while I had this time.  I felt Heavenly Father had given me some sacred time to grow and learn and I wanted to take full advantage of it.  I needed to refocus my goals and time.  So after my 45 minute nap (wink) I jumped up, took my herbs, put a load of laundry in, turned on a little motab (I love motab), juiced, made a green smoothie, changed, and headed down to read in the only sun of the day.  It was a little cloudy out so I’m sure I looked a little crazy sitting out by a closed pool but I got about 30 minutes before the clouds really came rolling in.  My work out was great and just as I was about to finish I received a text from the YW president in my ward inviting me to join, via face time, our presidency meeting.  It was so good to hear about all the girls and feel apart of the ward from far away.  I love the people in my ward and especially the Young Women.  I knew this experience was going to help me gain so much that would help me in my callings and every other aspect of my life. 

After the meeting I headed up to my apartment, drank another quart of juiced veggies, showered and got ready for the day, and began my studies.  I have been reading and studying about the healing power of the sun.   The sun has been used for years to heal the body.  “studies reveal that exposing patients to controlled amounts of sunlight dramatically lowered elevated blood pressure, decreased cholesterol in the bloodstream, lowered abnormally high blood sugar in diabetics, and increased the number of white blood cells which people need to help resist disease.  Sunlight therapy even increases cardiac output and oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Patients suffering from gout, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, arteriosclerosis, anemia, cystitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, herpes, lupus sciatica, kidney problems, asthma, and even burns, have all received great benefits from the sun.” (Heal Yourself with Sunlight, by Andreas Moritz p.7)  I also read how the places in the world where UV rays are greatest have the lowest amount of skin cancer and most skin cancers occurs in people who never see the sun and occurs in places on the body that don’t normally see the sun.  This book was fascinating it  talked about how harmful to the body normal sunscreen can be.  I am just barely getting into how it helps rid the body of cancer but I did learn that UV rays activate antibodies that attack tumors.  So I guess my 20 minutes of sunlight should not be lightly dismissed. 

One other thing I found myself thinking a lot about was how to get home.  I knew that 6 weeks was not enough to get my baby here or get rid of the cancer, and I really didn’t want to be away much longer.  So I was brainstorming every possible thing to help me get home and get healthy.  Some of those things included: how to make a mushroom tincture (I had  some mushroom herbs that had been used in many places of the world to help treat cancer and I needed them made into a tincture) but how,  I also wanted to get a bill on the floor during  government session in Utah,  I wanted to start contacting people in DC about what it would take to reschedule Cannabis. It is a schedule 1 drug, which means it is defined as having no medicinal value or benefit and no money can be granted to study any positive effects it could have…only negative ones.  I had no idea what any of this would in tale or even what it looked like and I’m afraid my week at Idaho Girls State was not sufficient in preparing me. I was planning on going to California at the end of 6 weeks and I needed a place to live and a medical card.  I was very stressed about food.  I knew when I came home I would be eating totally different and I wasn’t sure if I knew how to do it.  I needed to find good healthy recipes that met my eating standards.  I was feeling overwhelmed…I shared this with a few members of my family and they suggested we divide and conquer.  By 9:30 pm I had a great team of brilliant women on a conference call ready to help me.  This group included my mom, sisters, sister-in-laws and two close friends.  These ladies are some of the most talented and strongest women I have ever met and they all had different talents, which proved so helpful.  I shared with them my desires and wondered if any of them had connections or ideas that could help me.  That was all I had to say- in the next few minutes we a had a plan.  Natalie, Whitney, and Amy agreed to start writing a letter about a bill and research the path to getting a medicinal card. Lisa was going to start compiling healthy recipes, Niki was going to do some research on making a tincture and relay the info to me so I could make it (I had very spotty internet if I had any most of the time), and Crystal, Angie, and Amanda asked me if there was anything at home I was worried about…I was.  Bryant was in a challenging math class and often needed some extra help and his 12th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make it special even though I wouldn’t be there on the day.  Crystal agreed to call home and help Bryant with his math (Crystal graduated with a BA in Math Ed.), Angie was going to design Bryants Birthday invitations and Amanda was going to check at home with mom to see what her needs were.  I felt so loved and I knew that the part in my blessing given from Shaun had just come to pass as I felt love from family and friends.  I had a huge weight taken off my shoulders and I saw how “through small and simple things are great things brought to pass” Alma 37:6.  This was my Band of Sisters and I was so grateful for them.

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