Thursday, December 11, 2014

Standing as a Witness

September 3rd was a free day at home playing catch up.  I really needed it.  Lincoln and I enjoyed the day together and he was my little helper right by my side.  I was busy getting ready for Young Womens that night-- we were doing a special evening preparing for Young Women in Excellence.  The girls are going to wear formal gowns and have exhorts and everything. It is going to be a beautiful night. So we decided to have a night of preparing the girls. We talked about refinement and being true princesses. One of the classes was on presence and composure and I was in charge of teaching the other class on modesty and purity.  Some of my family (extended) were wondering why I hadn't passed this assignment to someone else in light of all that I had going on. I considered it, but really felt like I needed to be there.  
 I was very excited about the night. I planned to show the Alex Boye music video, “Virtue Makes You Beautiful,”  then talk about what motivates us to be modest and what modesty is according to the “For the Strength of the Youth” pamphlet. I also I brought some clothes to show them how to take stylish clothes they loved and make them modest.  (Here is the video. It is so fun.)

Well, I got to the church and the video wouldn’t work.  I was so sad that things weren't going as planned but just went with it and it turned out great. I noticed one girl with a smirky smile on her face like she thought this was a little foolish.  She was just barely learning about the gospel so I wasn’t hurt or really even surprised, but I instantly said a little prayer that I would be able to help these girls recognize the blessings available to them as they live pure and virtuous lives.  I immediately thought of my MRI experience I had had just the day before, and the protection of my garments.  I was a little apprehensive sharing such a personal story about such sacred things but the prompting was so strong.    
I told the girls that being modest now will help prepare them to make covenants in the temple that can bless their lives in so many ways.  I told them that they can’t expect to dress immodestly now and then just one day go to the temple and make the switch to being modest.  Modesty is an outward expression of an inward commitment to follow the Savior.  I shared that when they go to the temple they will make covenants in regard to modesty and purity and they will have the great blessings of wearing the temple garments as part of their covenant.  As we keep our covenants we are  promised protection and that protection is real.  I then told them my experience with the MRI and the protection I knew I received from wearing my garments.  The spirit was so strong in the room and I could see that the young sister could feel it.  It was an amazing experience.
   As I pondered on my day I thought of how grateful I was for my MRI experience, and the opportunity to share it with amazing Young Women. It reminds me of the line in the Young Women theme which says, "We will stand as witnesses of all things." That day I was able to stand as a witness of God's protection and power. I also thought about my good friend, Angela, who said I would one day be grateful for cancer.  Well today in one small way, I was.

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