Friday, February 27, 2015

Las Vegas: Learning About Cannabis

Saturday. September 6, was another full day of amazing. It started out with an amazing healthy breakfast of raw oatmeal and eggs made by Amy.  Then back to the store to meet with Rachel and Becky where we learned about some natural herbs and how to make them into tinctures.  Rachel and Becky continued their education on things that help strengthen the body so the body has the tools and ability to heal itself.  

Then Rachel sent us to her daughter's house to learn about food.  We learned so much there.  She shared with us healthy alternatives to many foods and yummy treats that are healthy.  She said, "Remember not to be afraid of food if it’s given to us from God.  Just eat food from the earth."  She shared good substitutes for sugar, pastas, breads, ice cream, and then later she brought us some no bake cookies that were made out of all healthy things.  They were so good! After that we went back to Healing Waters for our second day of detox/healing.  

That evening there was a meeting at Rachel’s store called “What if Cannabis Cures Cancer."  Rachel had mentioned earlier a "cannabis leaf" that when juiced, had shown amazing results with many diseases including cancer.  I didn’t even know what she was talking about when she said cannabis.  I thought it was just another herb like yellow doc root that I had never heard of before.  I was star struck at her extensive knowledge and life experiences.  Amy and Niki and I looked at each other, buzzing about what cannabis was. 

Then we realized that what she was talking about was marijuana.  

“Holy cow,” I thought.  “Does she think I am going to do drugs? Could this really be true?”  All of the sudden the confirmation I had received yesterday was in question all over again.  “How could this be the right path?”  We decided that we needed to listen and really try to have an open mind and listen hard for the spirit to guide us.  I kept thinking, "The whole time I have been here I have felt the spirit so strongly confirming everything this amazing woman has shared with me.  When I look into her eyes, I see nothing but goodness and light.  How could she be suggesting I take marijuana??" I wan’t sure if I wanted to be stretched that much.

There were a lot of people at the meeting.  Some who had some amazing stories of how cannabis has saved them.  Others were there just like us-- wondering and learning about this plant that some are claiming to have amazing medicinal properties.  We watched a movie and it was incredible and eye opening!  It had doctors and scientist talking about the history of this plant and how it was used for years by every doctor around.  It was even used for colicky babies.  We learned about how it became outlawed and all the media and hype that quickly turned it into an evil and scary drug.  It showed all the properties and makeup and how it works in our body. 

We also learned about the many different ways to take it. I had assumed that the only way to take marijuana was to smoke it. But there are so many forms: juicing the leaves, taking the oil, vaporizing the flower-- there are even lotions and tinctures and candies. And not all forms make you "high." Smoking it is actually the worst form of ingesting the plant. It was pretty amazing and all very new to me.  It was a lot to take in.  

We talked to many people that night. One girl had OCD and couldn’t stop washing her hands.  She had rubbed her hands raw and couldn’t control it.  Someone told her to just smoke once a day.  She did and her OCD was practically gone.  WHAT?? How can this be right?  I'm seeing the proof...but this is marijuana.  If smoking is the worst form and it helped that much-- imagine what it could do in its best form.  We met people who had been in bed and in wheel chairs and now were out and off their heavy narcotics.  I was blown away.  Is there a possibility that this plant really could have a positive place in the medicinal world? Could this plant really heal my cancer just by juicing the leaves?  

We went home that night after some late night colonics with heavy hearts.  We all got on our knees and began a fast where we explained to the Lord all the amazing things we had felt and learned-- and also all the fears.  We knew this was not just a small decision about healing my was much bigger.  If in fact this was true and what I was supposed to use, well….holy cow, what next!!?

While on our knees we pled with Heavenly Father. We asked him to please make our answer very clear. Is cannabis/marijuana an option for me to heal my cancer and is it ok for me to use?


  1. Thank you so much for telling your story it really hit home for us. We converted to the church Sept 2013 and it really changed our lives in every positive way possible. About 7 months after converting our 5 year old son walked into our room and collapsed. It turned out that he had a malignant brain tumor. There we're many miracles that have now lead to him being cancer free but our son's cancer is a very aggressive type of cancer that likes to come back so we have been researching Cannabis Oil and have really been considering putting him on it. We feel we were lead to Colorado (where we now live) to save him with the cannabis oil. It is a little hard too swallow when I think about giving my child cannabis but I feel the spirit very strongly and know this is what we're supposed to do. We're in the process now of getting his medical marijuana card so that we can get him started. Reading your sorry and finding your blog tonight was not only comforting but it was a true blessing. My husband and I sat and talked tonight about how we would love to move to Utah and that we feel like when we pray about it we're told that is where we will eventually move to make our forever home. The problem is we really don't feel comfortable moving out of Colorado because we know our little guy needs to be on cannabis. After reading the story they wrote about you and seeing how many people in Utah approved of medical cannabis use it gave me do much hope! You're a true inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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