Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The "Official" Diagnosis Day

I took a break to announce the birth of our little Gabe but I want to share how that miracle came to be. So here we go back to the story!

On September 4th we went to the Huntsman for all our official test results: 

Stage 2A Hodgkins lymphoma, unfavorable. 

Stage 2 means I had it 2 places-- my neck and chest. "A" means I was asymptomatic-- My symptoms were a full body itch and a cough. Unfavorable means I have it in more than one place on my neck-- I have many lumps and on both sides.  

They told us we would have 6 months of chemo and 15 days of radiation and we should start ASAP.  I said, “If the cancer is just as treatable in a stage 3 or 4, then why can’t we just wait until it’s a 3 and let the baby get a little bigger-- or even delivered-- before we start?”  She explained that cancer is just too unpredictable.  It doesn’t always just move from stage 2 to 3. Sometimes it skips all of those and goes right to the brain--stage 4-- and then we are in trouble.  I was feeling a little claustrophobic in the room right about then.  I wanted to scream, “I am not even sick and I'm not going to do chemo right now with a baby growing inside me, so give me another choice!”  

Shaun thankfully chimed in and in his calm cool way asked the doctors if we could just take it a couple weeks at a time and keep a close eye on things and try to give the baby a little more time.  They agreed, saying they would like to see us every two weeks to monitor the growth of the lumps and my symptoms.  I was so excited that they were going to give me time. Shaun and I left the office feeling like we had just won the war. Shaun said, “Tenille, we have to remember you still have cancer.”  This was true, but we had time!

On our way home we started talking about all the research and natural treatment options we had found and what our next step would be.  We both felt a huge sense of urgency.  We only had two weeks to make sure this didn’t grow at all.  I said, “I have to go to Vegas and see Rachel and do the 3 days of cleansing she told me about. And I have to leave tonight.”  I thought he might be hesitant, but he surprised me. He said, "Ok. Who is going to go with you?” In a matter of only a few hours, both my sister Niki and my friend Amy were at my house, packed and ready to join me.

We left at 5:30am the next morning, having no idea what an amazing adventure awaited us in Vegas.

PS) I need to thank Jess and Aaron Hawkins, practically strangers to me, who came to the rescue by taking care of Lincoln this day. He was really struggling and your help was invaluable. Heavenly Father has sent so many angels to me through this whole ordeal and you are two of them.

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